Rogusta Wedding September 4, 2010

Chasity and Toby’s wedding was held at The Cleveland Botanical Gardens on September 4, 2010. The couple had married indoors because of the rains and strong wind gust.
The couple looked amazing, dressed to the nines. One of the groomsmen had passed out during the ceremony and ended up falling into a large planter next to him braking his fall. They had sat him in a chair and gave him some water within a few minutes he was fine. After the vows the guest headed outside for the dove release that the couple had planned. The white doves were released from the bride and grooms hands and gracefully took flight. The rain had ended so I had taken the family and bridal party photos on the perfectly manicured grounds and then we were going to Coulby Park for the remaining photos.
The reception was held at the Radisson Hotel off route 91 in Eastlake. The hall looked beautiful, tall floral arrangements were on all of the linen tables that the guest were sitting at for dinner. The couple had opened the dance floor with their fist danced followed by the father daughter and mother son dance. The DJ and Emcee for the night was Freddie James. The music was a mix of all styles that kept the dance floor packed all night and the guest had an amazing time.
Best wishes Chasity and Toby.

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