The Bergolc Wedding October 5, 2013

The Bergolc wedding was held at Thorn Creek Winery in Aurora Ohio on October 5, 2013. The day started out with clouds and off and rain showers. I started with photos of Bridget with the girls of the bridal party at her parents Mark and Bonnie at the Bertrium Inn in Aurora. Followed by photos of the groom Dan with the groomsman his parents Bill and Kathy on the grounds of the winery.

 The rain continued for the later part of the day so the wedding ceremony was held in the wine storage cellar. Bridget was escorted down the isle by her dad Mark both smiling as they passed by the standing guest in awe of how beautiful she looked as she approached her waiting groom Dan. The vows lasted about 20 minutes with the officiant Heidi Baumgart who was a personal friend of the couple performing the vows. The couple had a receiving line in the wine cellar where the guest had the opportunity to greet the couple. The family photos and bridal party photographs were taken on the beautifully manicured grounds of the winery. David Thorn the owner is also a professional landscaper so the flowers were perfectly taken care of and looked perfect as the photo backdrop.


The guest were seated for dinner the tables looked amazing with floral arrangements on each. The DJ for the evening was Jack Klisurick a friend of the family .The bridal party introductions began the evening followed by toast from the best man Devin and maid of honor Hillary. The next event was the cake cutting with no messy cake smashed in the couple’s face it was time for the formal dances.

  The dancing started the evening off with the first dance followed by the father daughter then the mother son dance.

 The dance floor was open for the guest to enjoy the music and have a great time.


Best wishes Dan and Bridget

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