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Pavicic wedding

December 24, 2009

Paul and Ashley looked amazing on there wedding day. The wedding had taken place at St. Cyprian Church in Perry. The weather had light snowfall a perfect look and feel for the winter wedding.The ceremony was beautiful and about 300 guest and family were there to witness the vows.We had taken all the family and bridal party shots and were off to The Cleveland Clinic building on cedar by beachwood Place.The building was under renovation so the water fountain was not working and half the lights were off. Not the way to start the photos. We managed and had take some fun and creative photos anyways.
We then headed to the reception at Normandy party Center in Wickliffe. The reception was about 400 guest on of the largest reception I have had in a long time.The food and pastry tables were decadent and tasty.
I had the pleasure to work with Lou from Unlimited Music Productions.He always does an amazing job keeping the events organized and everything running smooth. The guest had a great time dancing the night away.