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Earley wedding

May 19, 2009

Saturday May 16 wedding had the most impressive coordinators that set the standard over the top for others to follow. The company Dream Designs are going to be a household name soon. The two ladies are amazing from the cutting edge designs and elegant presentation La-Vera’s Party center looked like a magazine for a celebrity wedding. Check out the photos on my web site under the Earley wedding and see for yourself.

Weiss Wedding

May 19, 2009

Friday the 15 of May’s wedding was a perfect day. I had taken the bridal party photographs at The Cleveland zoo at the rain forest. We then walked through the zoo for the remaining photographs and took advantage of the amazing weather. The reception was at la-Vera’s Party Center in Willoughby hills. The guys in the bridal party did a Cavaliers introduction that had the crowed on there feet the entire time. News channel 5 covered the introduction and had aired the segment along with the interview with the bride and groom on the news at 11:00 pm that evening. The music kept the crowed dancing till the reception was over at 12:30 pm.