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Cirrero Wedding may 18, 2013

May 20, 2013

The Ciccero wedding was held at LaVera Party Center in Willoughby Hills on Saturday May 18, 2013. The day started out ample sunshine and 74 degrees. I started with photos of Kristen the girls with the bridal party and her parents Debbie and Jim at the Courtyard Marriott in Willoughby. Followed by photos of the groom Derek with the groomsman his mom Angela and step dad Tommy. Kristen was escorted down the isle by her dad Jim both smiling as they passed by the standing guest in awe of how beautiful she looked as she approached her waiting groom Derek. The vows lasted about 20 minutes with the pouring of sand in the couples keepsake container. The couple had a small receiving line where the guest had the opportunity to greet the couple.

We then traveled over to Coulby Park in Wickliffe for the bridal party photos. The grass was green and the trees and flower beds were all in bloom, perfect for the photos. We then headed back to the hall for the bridal party introductions followed by the cake cutting and toasts. Family photos were taken at the hall after dinner with extended aunts and uncles. The couples boarded the limo and headed to Pine Ridge County Club for the wedding reception.

 The reception hall looked amazing white table clothes with floral arrangements in the center with Led lights that dimly lit the vases. The food is always a treat with amazing food prepared fresh by the hall. . The DJ D&D productions started the evening off with the first dance followed by the father daughter then the mother son dance ending with the bride Kristen dancing with her brother Jason. The night concluded with the boquet toss and garter removal.

 The dance floor was open for the guest to enjoy the music and have a great time.  


Best wishes Derek and Kristen