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Clinger Wedding September 3, 2010

September 17, 2010

Nicole and Micheal’s wedding was held at Debonne Vineyards in Madison on September 3, 2010. The couple had married at the outdoor gazebo in the lovely gardens.
The day started out extremely windy and rainy then the sun returned for the remainder of the day. The couple looked amazing, dressed to the nines. The winds kept blowing over the beautiful flower arrangements that stood outside the gazebo entrance. One of the adorable flower girls was stung by a bee during the couple’s vows. The back of her arm swelled up and she was in tears everyone felt the pain of the sting. The couple has chosen colored sand to fill into the jar that the bride and grooms family had taken turn pouring into a large glass vase. Many couples are doing this instead of the unity candles this year.
The reception was held on the grounds in the new enclosed pavilion at winery. The hall looked beautiful candles on all of the linen tables that were lit prior to the dinner. The couple had there fist dance while the band sang one of my favorite Luther Vandross songs Here and Now. The kids that were in the bridal party held hands in a circle around the couple that brought an amazing smile a mile wide on the couples face. This was the perfect photo opportunity for me. The couple’s cake cutting was planned out to smash the wedding cake in the brides son and daughters face. The kids had no idea of this and it was executed perfectly the kids got a huge laugh out of it in the end. Candid photos were taken of the family and guest at the reception.
Best wishes Nicole and Michael